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My Favorite Calendar

Peek is a simple, beautiful calendar app for iPhone.

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ITIL®-Foundation Seminar for Free

1. Einleitung

2. Service Design

3. Service Transition

4. Service Operation

5. Service Startegy

6. Continual Service Improvement

Und hier nach einmal alle Videos zusammengefasst:

Viel Spaß beim Training.

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Science Slam Uni Mannheim, Platz 1: „Frauentheorie” (Robert Idel)

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Heinz von Foerster

Objektivität ist die Wahnvorstellung, Beobachtungen könnten ohne Beobachter gemacht werden.

Heinz von Foerster

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Bertrand Russell

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion,
for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.
Bertrand Russell, A Liberal Decalogue (1951)

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The Truth About Dishonesty

I saw this video on the RSA’s iPhone app (http://www.thersa.org/iphone)and thought you’d like it:
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Tracking my water consumption


I used Tally Zoo to track my water consumption for the last weeks. It correlates with high outdoor temperature and physical activities. And it motivates to drink a little more than without a tracking tool. But after five weeks of tracking each glas of water, it is realy boring. I will stop it for a while trying to have fun with some other apps for self tracking.


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Quantified Self since 2009


It was the year 2009. I got my first iPhone and started with a few apps. True Weight was one of my first. With True Weight I was able to collect my measurements from my scale. 2009-05-18, 93.1 kg was the very first set of data I put in. Inspired by Six Sigma I started a personal project to reduce my weight. Minus 10 kg was my goal or in other words a BMI less than 25. Six month later I reached this level. Weight loss seemed to be very easy.

But it wasn’t. Three years later, using an extended set of apps, Quantified Self is my key focus to stabilise weight and well beeing.

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